Clinical Research Assistant
We are looking for a clinical research assistant to join the Center for Brain Circuit Therapeutics, a Harvard-affiliated group within Brigham and women’s Hospital. We use a combination of transcranial magnetic and electrical current stimulation (TMS and tCS, respectively), functional MRI, cognitive tasks, and other modalities to investigate neural networks and functional brain organization in both healthy volunteers and clinical patients. The lab studies various diseases, ranging from emotional conditions like depression to movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease and even delusions like Capgras syndrome. The position also offers opportunities to follow physician-scientists closely and work directly with patients and research participants.

Applicants must be well-organized in order to coordinate and manage multiple projects and responsibilities simultaneously. Working well with staff, patients, and participants is essential. Duties include research responsibilities like recruiting participants, running research visits, and summarizing data; regulatory tasks like maintaining IRB correspondence; and computing-based duties like maintaining a research MRI repository server, writing, debugging, and organizing scripts and settings, and working with other investigators to ensure seamless operation of processing pipelines.

We are primarily interested in candidates with an engineering background, although this is not a prerequisite. Experience coding in at least 1 language like MATLAB, Python, or UNIX shell (Linux) is required, but a willingness to learn is more important than knowledge of multiple languages. This position will provide valuable experience in both clinical and basic research, as well as clinical exposure, which makes it an excellent opportunity interested in pursuing an MD, PhD, or both. Previous research assistants from the Center have matriculated to highly competitive graduate and medical school positions.

The ideal candidate would be willing to accept the position for 2 years, although a shorter time frame may be an option. All interested applicants should send a CV/resume; a brief statement of interests and future plans; and arrange for a reference to be sent via email to Patrick Flynn at