Alex Cohen

Alexander Li Cohen, MD, PhD

Instructor of Neurology, Boston Childrens Hospital

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I am a physician-scientist specializing in translational neuroimaging who is dedicated to a career focused on understanding and treating autism spectrum disorders and other neurodevelopmental conditions. I have a broad background in both cellular and systems neurosciences, with specific training and expertise in functional neuroimaging. Following my graduate education, I completed a combined residency in Pediatrics and Child Neurology during which I became interested in childhood conditions affecting cognition including neurodevelopmental disorders. I recently graduated from a Behavioral Neurology fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital, where I am now a staff physician and see patients in the Autism Spectrum Center as well as in the Behavioral Neurology Clinic. I am also a post-doctoral researcher in the Computational Radiology Laboratory at BCH and the Laboratory for Brain Network Imaging and Modulation at BIDMC focused on improving our ability to study patients with autism spectrum disorders and localizing the neuroanatomical basis of symptoms across neurodevelopmental disorders.