Andreas Horn


Andreas Horn, MD, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Education History:
MD/PhD for Medical Neurosciences, Charité – University Medicine, Berlin (2016)
MD, University of Freiburg (2012)

Research Interests:

As a long-term research project, Andreas developed a toolbox to localize deep brain stimulation electrodes based on post-operative imaging ( His aim is to develop an integrated methodological framework for research analyses in the field of connectomic surgery. Methodologically, he has worked with structural, functional and diffusion-weighted MRI and multimodal connectivity analyses in the past.

Selected Publications:

  • Horn A, Kühn AA, Merkl A, Shih L, Alterman R, Fox M (2017) Probabilistic conversion of neurosurgical DBS electrode coordinates into MNI space. NeuroImage.
  • Horn A, Kühn, AA (2015) Lead-DBS: A toolbox for deep brain stimulation electrode localizations and visualizations. NeuroImage.
  • Horn A, Blankenburg F (2016). Toward a standardized structural-functional group connectome in MNI space. NeuroImage.
  • Horn A, Ostwald D, Reisert M, Blankenburg F (2014). The structural–functional connectome and the default mode network of the human brain. NeuroImage.
  • Horn A, Kipp L, Meola A, Kühn AA, Leithner C (2016) Stroke mimicking thalamotomy – cessation of tremor following ventrolateral thalamic ischemia. Neurology.
  • Accolla EA, Herrojo Ruiz M, Horn A, Schneider GH, Schmitz-Hübsch T, Draganski B, Kühn AA (2016) Brain networks modulated by subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation. Brain
  • Neumann WJ, Jha A, Bock A, Huebl J, Horn A, Schneider GH, Sander TH, Litvak V, Kühn AA (2015) Cortico-pallidal oscillatory connectivity in patients with dystonia. Brain
  • Barow E, Neumann WJ, Brücke C, Huebl J, Horn A, Brown P, Krauss JK, Schneider GH, Kühn AA (2014) Deep brain stimulation suppresses pallidal low frequency activity in patients with phasic dystonic movements. Brain
  • Merkl A, Neumann WJ, Huebl J, Aust S, Horn A, Krauss JK, Dziobek I, Kuhn J, Schneider GH, Bajbouj M, Kühn AA (2016) Modulation of Beta-Band Activity in the Subgenual Anterior Cingulate Cortex during Emotional Empathy in Treatment-Resistant Depression. Cereb Cortex
  • Schroll H, Horn A, Huchzermeyer C, Brücke C, Lütjens G, Krauss J, Schneider G-H, Kühn A, Hamker F (2015) Differential contributions of the globus pallidus and ventral thalamus to stimulus-response learning in humans. NeuroImage
  • Musso M, Weiller C, Horn A, Glauche V, Umarova R, Hennig J, Schneider A, Rijntjes M (2015) A Single Dual-Stream Framework for Syntactic Computations in Music and Language. NeuroImage
  • Tiedt H O, Ehlen F, Krugel LK, Horn A, Kühn AA, Klostermann F (2016) Subcortical Roles in Lexical Task Processing: Inferences from Thalamic and Subthalamic Event-Related Potentials. Human Brain Mapping