Dani Cooke

Danielle Cooke, B.S.
Research Assistant


Education History:

B.S., Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University
B.S., Biophysics, Elon University

Danielle completed a dual-degree program from which she received a Bachelor’s degree from both Columbia University and Elon University in 2016. She joined the Berenson-Allen Center in June of 2016 as a Clinical Research Assistant. Danielle is working with Dr. Michael Fox to investigate brain connectivity measures derived from functional connectivity MRI data and how this relates to TMS and DBS clinical responses.

Personal Interests / Hobbies:
In her free time, Danielle enjoys hiking, running, and travelling to new places.

Personal Goals:
Danielle hopes to gain knowledge and experience at the Berenson-Allen Center and to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering in the future.