Emiliano Santarnecchi


Emiliano Santarnecchi

Instructor in Neurology

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Education History:

Ph.D. candidate, Applied Neurological Sciences (currently enrolled), Institute Miller, Genova Italy
M.S., Cognitive Psychology, Florence University, Italy
B.S., Psychology, Florence University, Italy

Research Interests: His research interest lies in the neurophysiological basis of higher-order cognitive functioning, especially the so-called fluid-intelligence. He is using resting-state fMRI and MEG data in order to identify specific features of brain’connectivity related to intelligence, like the role of hemispheric asymmetry, inter-networks dynamics and specific regions’ connectivity profile. Moreover, he is trying to apply such knowledge for interact with brain activity through non-invasive brain stimulation, aiming at identify cognitive enhancement/rehabilitation interventions possibly useful for neurodegenerative disorders. Finally, he is also using transcranial oscillatory potentials to modulate fine motor skills, motor learning and interhemispheric communication.

Personal Interests / Hobbies: When Emiliano is not working in the lab, he is probably working at a coffee shop nearby his place. However, he also likes spending time with friends, travelling , running, exercising and enjoying nature. He really likes good food and good wine.

Personal Goals: Emiliano hopes to one day being able to theoretically merge the phylogenetic and ontogenetic processes which allowed human beings to develop such an extraordinary cognitive functioning.