Frederic Schaper

PhD research fellow

2019: PhD in neuroscience (PhD), Maastricht University Medical Center, The Netherlands
2015: Medical studies (MD), Maastricht University, The Netherlands
2015: Clinical scientist programme (MSc), Maastricht University, The Netherlands
2011: Biomedical sciences (BSc), Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Research interests:
I am trained as a medical doctor and translational neuroscientist with an interest for the treatment of neurological disorders using neuromodulation. During my PhD, I’ve concentrated on deep brain stimulation for epilepsy and performed animal and clinical studies. I joined the lab of Michael D. Fox to understand and improve deep brain stimulation and apply the technique of lesion-network mapping to epilepsy. Other current topics of study include the thalamus, circuit of Papez, spatial memory, connectivity, electrophysiology and neuroimaging.

Clinical interests:
My clinical interests include epilepsy, stroke, movement disorders and pain. I am particularly enthusiastic about the potential of brain stimulation and aim to focus my attention on Interventional Neurology, where the fields of neuroscience and technology meet. Clinical techniques I get excited about include deep brain stimulation, non-invasive brain stimulation, neuroimaging and focused ultrasound.

Personal interests:
I like all things social, music, food, gadgets and enjoy live music, playing guitar, restaurants, cooking, and procrastinating watching Youtube and TED talks.

Personal goals:
I hope to work as a neurologist and clinical scientist to understand and treat the brain using novel technological advances.