Martin Reich

Martin Reich, MD

Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School / BIDMC

Junior Group Leader, University of Wurzburg


Our multidisciplinary junior group tries to answer clinical questions related to deep brain stimulation and the pathophysiology of movement disorders through computer visualisation and modelling. The therapy option of deep brain stimulation arose two decades ago and is established for diseases such as Tremor, Parkinson’s disease and Dystonia. Nevertheless, most of the mechanisms of this local therapy are superficially understood and patients show great outcome variability.


We are strongly motivated by these challenges, which we often pick up while clinics. We aim to clarify various neuromodulation mechanisms and to disentangle brain network effects. We visualise the local current distribution by using ‘Volume of tissue activated’-computer models and showing the network effect with functional and structural MR images or with multiple PET images. Our main goal after refining the pathophysiological models is to translate our research results back and improve daily DBS-patient care.