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Lesion Network Mapping

Scientific American

The imposter syndrome:

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for an Imposter

‘You’re Not My Wife, You’re an Impostor’

Love interrupted

Lesions Connected to Two Brain Areas May Cause Delusional Misidentification

A Mental Disorder Might Be Caused by Brain Injury

Lesion Network Analysis:

Boes recognized for work likely to impact fundamental understanding of neurology

Do-it-yourself Brain Stimulation:

Caution, May Backfire: Neuroscientists’ Open Letter To DIY Brain Hackers

Non-Surgical Brain Stimulation Shows Promise, but Unknowns Remain

Researchers caution public about hidden risks of self-administered brain stimulation

Self-Administered Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation May Pose Serious Risk

Dangers of do-it-yourself brain stimulation: an interview with Dr Michael D. Fox


Lesion network localization of criminal behavior

Can brain lesions contribute to criminal behavior?

Mapping brain lesions for clues to criminal behavior


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A human brain network derived from coma-causing brainstem lesions

Mapping Symptoms to Brain Networks with the Human Connectome